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The Rowing Banner Exchange

Now there is a free banner exchange programme exclusively for rowing related sites.  For those not familiar with banner exchanges, it is a mechanism where you display banners of other exchange members on your site, in return your banner is similarly displayed on other member's sites.  The more times you display other members banners, the more your banner will be displayed. With a common theme this allows visitors to navigate between rowing related sites.

What You Need

In order to join the banner exchange you will need a banner for your site that 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high.  The banner must be no more that 10K bytes in size.  An example is shown below

Rowing Banner Exchange

If you do not have a banner nor software to create one, you can use on of the following web sites to create your own free banner online.

The banner must be placed on your web server and, your ISP must therefore support remote display of the images (i.e. your graphic on some one else's web page).  Many free ISPs do not allow remote display of images (for example Xoom substitute a xoom logo in place of your banner).  You can check if you banner will be displayed successfully during the registration process and edit the URL to a new location if needed.

How to Join

  • Create your banner and upload it to your web site.
  • Click on the Join Exchange link here or in the index above.
  • You will be asked to supply an id, your site details including the URL of your banner.
  • You will be provided with the HTML code to place on your site, copy this code to paste it into your web pages where banner are to be displayed on your site.  You must change the "XX" in the code to be two digit number (e.g. 01).  If you have more than one Rowing Exchange banner on your site this number must be different for each banner.
  • You can also find your HTML code in the members area.
  • Your site will then be placed in a queue awaiting approval.
  • Top 100 Rowing will then approve your banner to enable it.
  • You will be able to make changes to your account details and banner in the members area, although each time you make changes your site will be put back in the approvals queue.


  • Only Rowing related web sites are eligible to join.
  • Each time an exchange banner is displayed on a members site they will be credited with 0.5 credit.  Each time a members  banner is displayed their account will be decremented by 1 credit.
  • New members will be allocated 100 free credits.
  • Only one account per web site is permitted.
  • Sites  re-joining the banner exchange having deleted their accounts will not be credited with any free credits.
  • Sites submitting inappropriate banners for display will be removed and barred from the Rowing Banner Exchange in future.
  • Free credits may be allocated from time to time at the discretion of the Top 100 Admin team.
  • The amount of credit awarded for each banner display by be changed from time to time at the discretion of the Top 100 Admin team.

Members Area

Click here to modify your account and banner details or to get the HTML code to place on your web pages.


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