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Top 100 Rowing Web Sites Banners and Tips

In order to take part in the Top 1oo rowing sites' ranking you must place a banner on your web site to allow visitors to vote for your site. Choose one of the banners shown below that best suits your site's style and save it to your server.  To do this right click on the required image and select "Save As.." from the menu.   Alternatively you may use a text link or design your own banner, as long as it represents the Top 100 Rowing Site theme.  You are not allowed to deceive your visitors into voting for you with unrelated subject matter on your banner.

Do not use white space (spaces tabs etc) when you register your account name, as the system will not record your votes.  Underscore ("_") and hyphens ("-")  may be used if desired.


Click for Top 100 rowing sites Click for Top 100 rowing sites Click for Top 100 rowing sites
Click for Top 100 rowing sites Click for Top 100 rowing sites Click for Top 100 rowing sites


Sample Text Links

Visit the
Top 100 Rowing Sites

[Top 100 Rowing Sites]

Banner Hyperlink HTML

In order for the system to score your votes, the banner must be hyperlinked using the HTML link you received on joining.  A sample is shown here, be sure to use the id you joined with and copy your chosen banner to your local server.

This example uses FRED as an id, replace FRED with the id you used when you registered.  The id is case sensitive (FRED is not the same as fred).

<a href="" target="_top"><img
src="images/banner5.gif" alt="Click for Top 100 rowing sites" border="0" WIDTH="123" HEIGHT="65"></a>

You can cut and paste the text from this page as long as you remember to change the site id to your own.

This HTML will look like this on your page:

Click for Top 100 rowing sites

Be sure to change "FRED" to your id or else you will not get any votes registered for your site.

If you use the Square banners the WIDTH and HEIGHT parameters should be set to 75 to avoid distortion.

Hints & Tips

  • Make your most important page your target page.  This will usually be your home page, but it could perhaps be the new members page if you are looking to grow membership via your site.  Perhaps you may wish to promote your club's sponsors by making a page with their name on it the target, this will help develop sponsor relations if you are seen to be actively promoting their company name.
  • Make the Top 100  banner clearly visible, if you hide the banner you are not likely to get many votes and therefore will not receive a high ranking in the list.   This in turn will reduce the chance of you receiving traffic from the Top 100 list.
  • You may place the Top 100 link on any page on your site (or on all of them if you wish) - the more prominent the link is, the more likely you are to receive votes.
  • Encourage visitors to vote for you, this will improve you ranking and therefore you will receive more visits in return.
  • Submit an eye-catching banner when you register for the Top-100, this will entice Top 100 list viewers to take a look at your site.  Similarly make your site description interesting.
  • Site banners are only displayed for the top 25  sites with at least one vote, this may change from time to time to ensure that Top 100  pages load as fast as possible.


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