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Top 100 Rowing Web Sites List

Welcome to the Top-100 rowing sites ranking.  The Top 100 list is based on site popularity, sites being ranked in order of the number of "votes" received from their visitors, a vote being cast by clicking on the Top-100 logo displayed on the site.  The ranking list is open to all rowing related web sites and is a great way to promote your site as well as adding a non too serious element of  competition between webmasters.

Why Join the Top 100 Rowing Site Ranking?

There are real benefits to be gained from joining the ranking list.  These benefits will vary depending on the purpose of your  site, but you will see the following:
-  Improved visibility of your site through a rowing focused Top 100 site.
-  Improved quality of your site as you learn from other sites and strive to climb the rankings.
-  Increased traffic to your site, thus increasing its value in attracting new members, sponsorship or new business.
-  Boost to your ego as the owner of a top ranked site!

The Top-100 Rowing Site rankings is actively promoted on the web and therefore acts as a great starting point for those looking for rowing related material.

How do I join?

The Top-100 ranking is very simple to join,  click on the Join link and provide your site and email details as instructed.  You may also include a link to your site banner if you have one.   You will be sent an email with your personalized HTML link code to put on your site with the Top-100 rowing site's banner.  Further details are given on the Banners & Tips page.

How does it work?

Putting the Top-100 rowing sites' banner on your web site allows visitors to your site to "vote" for you by clicking on the banner.  This will take them to the Top-100 list as it registers their vote for you.  Every 30 minutes the sites in the Top-100 list are re-ranked in order of votes cast for them.   Visitors may click on any of the sites in the list to visit a new site, the number of clicks from the Top-100 list are also recorded although not used to order the ranking.  The system resets all of the counters back to zero every week, this allows new, or recently improved sites, to compete fairly with the more established sites.


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